Stay In Touch…..

Do you remember the last days of your school or college life. Remember how we made the promises to stay in touch together. How we or our friends cried and there was a consolation party surrounding the victim. Well I remember every such moment very clearly.

The Farewell Party of my 10th, the day the results came out for 12th and CET, the Farewell Party of my Graduation. The moments were itched in my mind and are an everlasting memory. Were the best times where everyone looked their best and no one looked lesser than the anyone. Was a moment of anxiety, of joy, of tears, but most importantly, the moment when we said those words, “Will never forget you, yaar. Will always stay in touch, dude.” The girls would hug and cry in each other’s arms and the boys weren’t left far behind then.

I am sure everyone of us has one such memory and has something to share about it that you will remember over the years. But what happened then??? Are you still in touch with them???? Of course you are…. But with how many people???? And what about the rest???? Why aren’t you in touch with them???? What went wrong with them and what was right with the others???? Were those just empty words???? Just lies and nothing else????? Were those feelings all false and fake?????

I’ll tell you…. Actually nothing went wrong. Every feeling or every expression was true. They were not empty words and not at all lies. We still remember everyone very well. But we do not talk. We have their number in diaries and cell phones, we know where they live or where they hang out. Its just lack of communication over a certain period of time that makes us hesitant to talk to them initially and eventually we end up asking who ever we meet, “Kisi se contact me hai kya?” Eventually the diary is changed and the cell phone contact is deleted and the contact is lost. We feel awkward talking to people with whom once we used to hang out, spent some quality times, laughed and created some everlasting memories which still make us laugh and sigh. And all because we are lazy to call.

The reasons for not calling or meeting are still stupid when we hear. Being the accused my self, I am sharing this on personal experience. We get so busy in our life that we tend to forget everything in the pile of work. But even then when we are free the reasons become still stupider. “Yaar, mere paas balance nahi tha” or “Yaar, tera number delete ho gaya” or “Yaar main bohot busy rehta hu” or “Tera number nahi lagta hai, yaar. Change ho gaya kya…..” and many more.

I have given these reasons myself and am equally guilty. But hey!!! I realized it a while back. I know what happens and what is going to happen. And this is the main reason I am blogging about it. Today as I say these things are happening with me again. Its the end of my graduation and through out the period I made some good friends worth remembering. Although I don’t talk to them everyday but at least I message everyone – everyday that too. Try and chat or at least respond to pings online. Call when I feel like, meet up if possible. Keep a backup of the messages and the contacts regularly. All because I don’t want to loose these wonderful people. Yes… They are all wonderful people. How else do you think they are itched in my mind and a precious part of my memories???? And how else will I be able to have the same kind of relation and comfort with them all through the years???

So here I say, I will try and stay in touch with everybody not just because I want to but I need to…. And I’ll try and take conscious effort to keep the relations maintained. Well thats actually a Gift I have inherited from Dad. Looking at him, how hard he tries to keep his contacts with everyone and the response n love he gets is just amazing…. He has friends for over 40 years which makes me wonder if I will ever be able to keep it like him? But I will certainly try coz these friends are worth more than just mere years but a lifetime….

Miss all my friends whether I liked or hated but yes I miss them…..Hope you all will stay in contact 🙂


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