Not happy, not sad, just empty…

Standing in a crowd surrounded by the people I know and still feeling lost – lonely. Standing alone by the sea and I find my self in my own company – content. Weird to feel such a thing and hard to understand. Just the kind of feeling thats been with me for quite some time.

Can’t complain about the quality of people around me, but somewhere I feel disconnected. Am I just shy? Am I too introvert? Yes to both but that does not seem to explain it.

Thinking hard on it, I realize that there is someone missing. Its not too often that you find someone who connects all your dots for you. That someone who connects with you in a way you connect with yourself. Its that someone who fills in the gaps in your heart, ties all the broken strings together, paints a perfect picture of you and then shows you your true beauty. Its that one person who shows you your own colors and splashes a few more shades of texture. That someone who brings out all your fears and joys in front of you and makes you realize who you are.

Its been a while since I felt that joy fill me up. I smile and I am glad but not happy. Its this feeling that does not go away. It makes me wait when I don’t want to anymore. And it kills me inside, slowly everyday, one piece at a time. I miss this person… badly…

It makes me feel empty inside… Not happy, not sad, just empty…


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