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Disturbed again…..

I don’t generally like to say this but I can’t help it. If you have a problem with someone why not say it to his face, talk to him about it and not drag your mutual friends in to it and spoil the relations. I know that in a fight people’s pride is at stake but when it comes to mutual relations it becomes an issue of Ego and that is what I don’t like.

Just mind your own business and stay in your limits. Poking your nose in someone else’s matters and stating one as your own is cowardice for that person and is a shame on you. And also having an Ego so big that the whole world is not enough to contain it is just another thing that spoils the aura of a person and radiates an energy that is negative in any way you take it.

My opinion is to live and let live. Do good and selflessly and be happy with what you did because done selflessly the deed is always good deed. Always be humble to everyone and polite in ways you can be.